ACL2 Workshop 2020 Why you should attend

Hear the latest developments in ACL2 from the ACL2 developers themselves. And find out how your colleagues are using ACL2 to solve real-world problems.


Great Presentations

The latest developments in ACL2, including new features in the prover itself and new applications


The Community

Old pros and newbies alike are welcome in the ACL2 community. Come see what we're all doing



Thinking about grad school About to earn your Ph.D.? Ready for a new job? Come see who uses ACL2 and other theorem proving technology


Have Fun

Reconnect with old friends from the ACL2 community! Join us for two fun days geeking out about ACL2 with others who share your passion/pain


Listen to the Invited Speakers

John Harrison

John Harrison

Automated Reasoning Group
@ Amazon Web Services

Leonardo de Moura

Leonardo de Moura

Research in Software Engineering
@ Microsoft Research

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